Sideways Syndrome

Ryga, Poznan, Minsk
Filmed during 2012 season

One cold and dark Autumn evening Norbertas from NORBEFILMS contacted me. He had some pure drift footage left from last season and asked if I would be interested of using it to make a short drift-packed video. Could not refuse!

Done in my spare time this is the result. Pure drift action video, compiled from different drifting events. This video has no timeline, no story or anything like that. This is pure drift awesomeness with great action and great cars. This was made completely for viewer satisfaction. Video is quite short, however it prepares you for the new, upcoming drifting season. Enjoy!

Soundtrack: Posthuman – Mobile Mast
Designed and Edited by: Denisas Cerepovic /
Filmed by: Norbertas Daunoravicius / NORBEFILMS

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