Breakdown of 2012

This is a short project of my work during year 2012. Many people release their show reels or portfolios of the last year (2012). I decided to take a different path and made a short video of some of my favorite scenes from my earlier projects. Furthermore – I decided to show you how those scenes were made, so I did a breakdown of most of the effects and techniques used there.

Don’t expect much as there are only several scenes shown, however I hope you will find the breakdown interesting.

2013 should bring even more complex scenes and projects and it looks like it is going to be a busy year, so keep your eyes open for new Sinex Productions releases.

Soundtrack: FC Kahuna – Hayling (Max Cooper Remix)
Directed, Designed, Produced by: Denisas Cerepovic /
Scenes from: Get your toys, boys; From Entry to Exit; The Decider and other non-public yet clips.

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If you want to watch a HD version – please visit Vimeo video profile and add it to favorites if you liked it. The Decider